The Apple Song

You see sir, all I know is apple trees.

And what’s wrong with apples if you please?

Ain’t they bout the finest fruit about the land?

Why shoot man, they take the cake.

Just think Johnny, of all the things that apples make.


There’s apple pickles, oh so tasty,

Apple tarts and apple pasty

Apple dumplin’s not to mention 


Yes, and there’s apple fritters light as thistle

And for folks to wet their whistle,

Tangy apple cider in a glass.

Stew em, buy em, boil em , bake em, 

Apple pie and apple cake em,

Yep, you can cook them any way

There’s apple this and apple that

The recipes will fill your hat

Why I can carry on like this all day

So, pack your stuff and get a goin’,

Get them apple trees a growin’,

There’s a lot of work out there to do,

There’s a lot of work to do.

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The Apple Song
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