Take Me Away

From your walk to your style

From your lips to your smile

Got me feeling like a child

And baby I just want it all for me

Baby tell me that it's all for me

From your kiss to your touch

Got me needing it so much

Boy I got a crush

And with you is where I wanna be

So please tell me that its all for me


I love it I don't want it to stop

Every minute I'm without you always seems like a lot

Feels like I'm in a dream when I'm not everytime I get close to you

Please don't wake me baby cause

I really hate seeing you go

But you gotta handle business, yeah baby I know

Feels like half of me left when you walked out the door

Please take me away with you

From the look in your eye

You want me as bad as I want you in my life

Baby loving you feels like a dream

And your loving has become a need

Every time that you go

I get a pain in my heart, and that lets me know

I just gotta have you all for me

Baby tell me that it's all for me

[Chorus: x 2]

A love like yours is hard to find

Can I be yours will you be mine

I think its time

Please take me away with you

Cause you bring out the best in me

The greatest love I've ever seen

Is what I need please take me away with you


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Take Me Away
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