Presents For Christmas

Oh this is gonna be a groove for me

It's gonna be a little something different

But we're gonna give it to 'em anyway

Are you ready? Come on, ha!

We want to give out a present to everybody this Christmas

All around the world for every man, woman, boy and girl

Are you ready right now, come on here we go

Aaa I like it like that, come on that's it

Alright come on

Christmas presents around the world

Is something mighty sweet to see

If only I just had a present for everyone

Under one great big Christmas tree

For every boy that wants a brand new toy

For every Johnny that wants a car

For every junior that wants a mobile bike that

Rides and a rides and rides

Now my little daughter

She wants a doll that cries

One that walks and wipes it's eyes

And I see there someone 

That wants somebody home

Just to mere have in their arms

What a Christmas present mmm this Christmas

Oh what a gift you could be

You know if I could just give out

Christmas presents to every one

Under one great big Christmas tree

You know I'm even fat enough to be

The world's biggest Santa Claus

And everybody could just

Just stand around and just say

Ooh is that for me?

Ha, come on 

A Christmas present for everybody this year

And we want to give it to 'em are you ready?

Come on everybody, come on one more time together

Merry Christmas baby

A present for you Christmas directly from me

For all the disc jokeys around the world Merry Christmas

All the policeman and all the pretty girls ha!

Oh la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ha ha!

That's for my old friend y'all and all the soul friends 

Christmas brothers baby, here we go

Come on let me hear you, come on

Alright now listen to me

Somewhere in this big wide world

There's some little girl and boy

Who's wishing for a great big Christmas

Maybe one, two, or three toys

But sadly enough believe me as it seems

They won't get these things we know

But the best thing that we can do

Is wish a Merry Christmas to you

And hope next year

Things will have a lot of joy

Christmas presents for every one

Ha ha ooh what a gift it could be

If I could just have a great big

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Presents For Christmas
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