(Drum Dummie)
Aye, Free Choppa Boy
Aye, Free Choppa Boy, bitch
Rip Boosilla
(Dj Swift on the track)
Rip Big Dump
(Mook Got the keys jumpin')

Slime in this pent, bitch
Bitch, I got .45 Glocks and a knife in this bitch
I got cutters in the house, I got pounds in this bitch
I got hoes runnin' in and out, slime in this bitch

I go by YoungBoy and I'll zip you up from talking shit
These niggas bitches and I know that they ain't 'bout that shit
'Can't come how I'm coming, I was a youngin' when they tried that shit
I been knockin' niggas off, they never knew it was gon' come to this
Bitch, I've been on some rider shit (let's go)
I'll leave 'em dead, got the whole city mad, I zip that boy 'bout what he said
You can stunt like you mad, I put a bag on top of your head (what up)
I was up in the Parish, slept with pink pairs under my bed
'Cause bitch I'm tryna flex something
Do something with all y'all
Soon as we get up on the wall, with my youngin, punch his head off
Little bitch, I'm out the North Side
I'm bustin', I won't stand down
I'll put the bitch up in a casket, f*ck up your headstone
Them niggas used to run the city
Won't even claim that bitch
Don't say nothin' 'cause the shit ain't serious
Don't make me tame that shit
These youngins runnin' with me with it
They on some dangerous shit
Bust and put two in your fitted
I call that gang assist

Rolling I just popped one
Tryna body-bag and zip something, yeah
Pants hangin' off my ass, Glock on my side with a green flag
Talkin' reckless, caught him slippin', went to bustin', did him bad
Soon as swerve we bend a curb, don't do no talkin', that's your ass
I ain't got no chill, I'm tryna send a bitch to Winnfield
Had to show the pussy bitch I've been that, and bitch, I'm still is
I pull up, make a nigga get back, like what the deal is?
All these pussy bitches choosin' sides like they don't know real

Mm, come on, bitch uh-uh, let me go
Yeah, yeah, bitch
I'll do somethin' with ya, and I'll bang it out with ya, hoe ass nigga
Let's do it, look

Do what you do, I put you on the news, bitch, we could fight or shoot
Bitch, I know these niggas know it's murder when I'm comin' through
Bitch, I always win, I never lose, we gon' f*ck over you
You become a victim of the chopper, put 'em on the news (ha)

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