Album of the Year


My mind state feel like the crime in the summertime

Higher than average

Lot of cabbage

Thank God I never abide by the established

Guidelines that keep niggas inside of fabrics

Commissioned by the state, I skate by the masters

Like "Yoo-hoo" with a new-new ridin' passenger

Shout out Oak Cliff, I'm 'bout to fly to Dallas

Decade from now I might just buy the Mavericks

What up, Mark Cuban?

I am only part human, half-man, half-amazing

Plus I'm good at math like I'm Asian

Hate to use stereotypes, but that's light compared to what a nigga get from Caucasians

No race-baitin'—treat the beat like Playstation

Reporting to you live from the International Space Station

I probably vacation on Mars

The flow is out of this world and so is the bars

Blow the facade right off of your squad

Lil' rappers, I love you, but you ain't shit 'til you got offers in Prague

Look that shit up

A book, nigga, pick that shit up

Expand your vocab

I'm giving out toe tags for no cash

All summer long plus three seasons after

Please CC a rapper, tell him meet me

It's absolutely imperative that my heat speak to rappers

The problem with this game is this weak sea of rappers

I'm the answer on the low, I'm a cheat sheet for rappers

I came up 'round AC to DC adapters

Plug talk, what I'm really sayin' is a shame but my niggas move 'caine like HBCU Kappas

Whole town full of CC Sabathias

You think niggas gettin' fat pitchin' crack?

Not really

This is not the eighties, don't be silly

Now we push pills and sell heroin to Billy

Now Billy momma want the judge to pardon his addiction

How many black addicts that got caught up in the system

With no sob stories on your prime time television, I can smell a blatant contradiction

Man, listen

Don't want to f*ck up my vibe

Let's end it on a positive note, come see me live

KOD, album of the year, undebatably

My cadence be the greatest we've seen since the late MC whose name was The Notorious

Dreamville stacked like the Warriors

Winning back to back

Next up to bat is my nigga Bas

After that Jiddy-J.I.D

That's that New York City kid plus ATL

Me, I'm from the 'Ville but I know them towns well

Before I had a deal I was givin' niggas hell

Now I'm givin' niggas deals and they givin' niggas hell

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Album of the Year
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