The Chicken Song

Don't tell me the truth about chicken farming

Thinking about it does my head in

Twenty four chicken wings for six ninety-nine

That's 85p for each chicken that died

You can get dead chicken everywhere that you go

There's four chicken shops on this very road

And there's also the supermarket

With chicken dipper strips and frozen chicken burgers

Whole cooked chicken, chcken chow mein

Twenty four wings for two ninety-nine

That's 25p for each dead chicken

Thinking about it does my head in

And its Nandos for dinner tonight

They make their dead chicken taste real nice

In every city in every town

There's peri peri chicken enough to go around

It brings me back right to the start

Where on earth are these chickens farmed

In a dark warehouse tens of thousands eggs are hatched a day

They turn little chicks into full grown chickens

In under seven days

They use chemicals and steriods

To meet there demands

I'm gonna sing me a little chicken song

About a great big chicken farm

And they run these weird experiments

I heard chicken are born without any heads

Just legs and wings and a few leftovers

This chicken gave birth to a zinger tower burger

We all know this shits morally wrong

Gonna sing me a little chicken song

Well I'm not saying that I am a vegetarian

Shit I eat chicken with the best of them

It just feels like the whole thing

Could end in a disaster

The way tings generally do

When you f*ck with mother nature

Well the chicken gonna get their revenge one day

You just wait and see

They'll be a giant monster hybred chicken

That eats humans for tea

And it'll break out of the warehouse

And it'll roam the earth

And eat all you motherfuckers

With peri peri sauce

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The Chicken Song
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