Way of Life

Look right here, this how we goin' do this

Hook up the turn tables, whoof get on the keyboard

And we goin' run this for you, ya heard?

Yeah, check it out

Cash Money [Repeat: x4]

Hey, let me slide in the Benz with the fished-out fins

Hit the mall wit my girlfriends dish out ends

Cause you know it ain't tricking if you got it

Copped baby girl what she desired 

It's chump change ma, Marijuana skyler 

Know'n what I got up in my styraphone cup, that purple stuff

It was given to me at birth an stuff

So that's why I cop the Bentley with the leather and the furry cups

Hey, hold on mami them whips on dubs

Cadillac Truck, 28's, no rubs

Slide in the Benz, fins, bubble-eyed lens

Car show in New York, y'all know who wins

It's the Birdman daddy, with the Gucci Prada

Slant back Cup Truck, no rims, can't holla

It's that Louie Fendi on Ostrich streets

It's the tailor-made daddy, mami do you love me?


Baby, I'm a stunna

I ain't goin' change it

Don't, you, know, it's a way of life?

Mami, do you want it?

Cause I'm about to bring it

Oh baby, can't stop the stun, no, no

Pop one, pop two with the blue Nike shoes

Royal blue jag on 'em 22's

Slippers, white to breathe, 500 Degreez

In that Cadillac Truck on 'em 23's

I'm the boss of the game with the money and fame

All these, naked women that pop Champaign

And these, marble floors stay high as Rick James

If you know my name then you know my game

It's Lil' Whoody from the Hot Block where series flow

Gotta get dough, cha'll won't feel me blow

But, y'all don't hear me though

Til I'm rolling down my window where my grill is show

And you know I probably pump it through the hood on them 24's

Word, rims poking out the side of the err

Glock, have ya rims poking out the side of your shirt 

I'm a 17 nigga and I ride through the turf


Hey, and my pinky glow cause my rings is so,

Blingy blingy, yo stop blinking though

We smoke stinky stinky dro

And we don't cop them incy wincy o's

And we don't stop, nah, we blow

F*ck the people

Everywhere we go we smell like ick yo

Birdman, my Paw so that make me go, fly like an eagle, fasheezy

See they think cause I stay English turn

That stunna don't ever OZ to burn

I go in each sto' and ball like a dog

Me and my niggs ball like a dog

Cars on my streets, all on the lawn

Ice in my teeth, all on my arm

Tats in my face, my back and my arm

Tats in my face, my back and my arm


Yo, there it is, ya lil' low life

See, I'm a professional, you a rookie

F*ck, a game so serious I could sell a hooker some pussy

That's some serious shit

Oh yeah, believe that

Who we rolling with?

We rolling wit Cash Money

Oh, I forgot about peace, Peace!

I mean, piece of pussy, piece of land, piece of property

Just a mind game

Piece of mind, ya know

Piece of something, motherfucker!

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Way of Life
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