Pull up on a op in a droptop yuh
Smoke a lotta weed, DJ Rasta yuh
With yo bitch bout to hotbox my whip
Give her dick, then I dip
Money earned, money flip
Bout to take a business trip
That's some ULG. shit
Hit you with the beam bitch
Believe it, f*ck reasons
Why you tryna be friends
Who the f*ck you think this is
I play nintendo switch
Mario Kart, be my shit
I'm a pro, watch me drift
Pick Luigi and I win
Hold up skrt, hit the curb
Flex your worth
Spent that on my fucking shit
Pulling off you getting burnt
Flipping work, stack for sure
Have you heard, whats the word
Repping till it fucking hurts
Colors on my waist
Waco where I stay
ULG. the gang
Let it go today
Relax, read facts
Learning all of that
Put me on the map
Throwing racks, smoking ash
Imma make it that is that
Working hard, in the yard
Staying up so f*ck a bar
Bout to go and orbit mars
I don't need yo lame ass car

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