Brought Me to Tears

Falling in a darkest place, bound by their desire
Forced inside a thousand fiends, thrashed through endless fire
I see a familiar face, the rich and kings and sires
Keep a secret, if I tell, I'll become a liar

They speak that down here not one thing may shine
'Cause I am a whore and they are the lords, now get the f*ck in line

As much as I want to speak, I cannot tell a lie
As much as I try to hide it, I only want to die
After all it's all my fault, beyond the smallest doubt
This is just what I deserve for putting myself out

Now that I'm gone bad my life's falling through
So take me away, I'll do as you say, and use me 'til I'm blue

Living my fears
Brought me to tears

In he walks, the man in black, today I go back home
He knocks me out, the tears roll down, he strips me to the bone
I open my eyes to see my vision rendered null
The last thing I ever feel is metal on my skull

Living my fears
Brought me to tears

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Brought Me to Tears
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