No Luv 4 Brittany

I bust out the colony, follow me - that's a comedy
"Accomodate the ones enforcing hate inside their policies 
Promising stability, cater to rich white fragility"
16 words just wrote the constitution of this cracker country
Planned Grenfell, the cartel drops bombshells
Oh well its just another poor brown kid that's dead
Desert 24 storeys doesn't matter to the tories
Bringing death to kids inside all of these territories
Terror is they way vote in terrorists promptly
Drugs is what they give us, they're turning us into zombies
Brittany - indigenous home of the honkies
Brittany - peadophiles run this country
No more pay rises for them lot already on the summit
If they dont learn to give gonna have to start something
No more raids no more searches no more prisons built for money
I'll put trust in the system if they ever free Jaggi
Rape and torture all supporters
1000 killed upon their orders
Uprising snuffed and crushed and bodies rotting in the dust
Documents hushed and brushed away
Bloody hands getting away with barbaric havoc on the planet
Sycophantic traitors South Asian measles blanket
Fast forward hundred years state of affairs still the same
Murderers in the hall of fame 
They got white ivory towers run entirely by white power 
And at this time and this hour
What do we have but dead flowers?
Just pipelines and court trials
And tower blocks on the sidelines
And blind guys turn blind eyes
To government lies and mothers cries
Increasing crime and drawing knives
Is filling killing brown lives
No guidelines for whats right
Just the confines of a comfy cell

We the product of colonial plunder pay taxes to them
To drop bombs on Yemen?
Yh man Im gonna slap that Boris in his face
Vandals gonna shield us from that cctv gaze
Jobs wont hire on the basis of race
Yh man Im gonna slap that Boris in his face
Sunday in the church of another's person god
Slaves to wages, cars, status and credit cards
Internal racism old habits die hard
Yh let it be known Distorted Signal got barz 
Nothing was great about Brittany
Blind nationalism thats her legacy
The agenda of racial supremacy is what I see them push
In their white degrees and policies
We're gonna be slaves and wannabes
For the sake of the bourgeoisie
Black brown yellow its starting to hit me
We will never be accepted by Brittany

Pull up in a ship cross equipped thats Brittany
Robbing spice and tea face pasty thats Brittany
First they murder then they point the finger
Keep it 432, Bust out the chicken coop

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No Luv 4 Brittany
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