Tory Lanez – Skrt Skrt Lyrics
Skrt Skrt by Tory Lanez Released : 2017 I think it’s time we made Time to fuck around off this Patron
Tory Lanez – CAP Lyrics
CAP Lyrics – Tory Lanez What the fuck is that? Ayy, everybody has their own drink Told the beef was over
Tory Lanez – Enchanted Waterfall Lyrics
Enchanted Waterfall Lyrics – Tory Lanez I left my love at your place today (Uh) Way too young for these
Tory Lanez – Jokes On Me Lyrics
Jokes On Me Lyrics By Tory Lanez Into the morning and clocked out Strippers stealing money from your
Tory Lanez – ’87 Stingray Lyrics
’87 Stingray Lyrics – Tory Lanez Woah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, hey, hey Baby, baby girl Fillin’
Tory Lanez – Friends Become Strangers Lyrics
Friends Become Strangers Lyrics By Tory Lanez Fuck them other niggas, you see me all in your day shift
Tory Lanez – MSG 4 GOD’S CHILDREN Lyrics
MSG 4 GOD’S CHILDREN By Tory Lanez 90’s televisions that raised me Made me feel like it was gravy and
Tory Lanez – Intro Lyrics
Intro by Tory Lanez Mixtape : Chixtape 4 Released : 2017 Lightin’ up a Cuban cigar down Collins Ave This
Tory Lanez – Queen and Slim Lyrics
Queen and Slim Lyrics By Tory Lanez Slimmy, Queen to my slimmy If it means I won’t be here, from dying
Tory Lanez – Lavender Sunflower Lyrics
Lavender Sunflower Lyrics – Tory Lanez Sexy lady What would you do If this goes right, girl If everything