Tory Lanez – Differences Lyrics
Differences (Prod. Play Picasso x CoopChardonnay) by Tory Lanez Mixtape : Chixtape 4 Released : 2017
Tory Lanez – The Cry Lyrics
The Cry By Tory Lanez I can hear your heart crying, crying out I can hear your heart, I can hear your heart
Tory Lanez – Lady Of Namek Lyrics
Lady Of Namek Lyrics – Tory Lanez Baby (Baby, baby) I want you to leave, would you stay? My brain and
Tory Lanez – Slow Grind Lyrics
Slow Grind (f. Jacquees) (Prod. Tory Lanez x Play Picasso) by Tory Lanez Mixtape : Chixtape 4 Released
Tory Lanez – LUV Lyrics
“LUV Lyrics We all sip the Henny for the day, baby Bad man, we no stray, baby Oops, I done fell for your
Tory Lanez – Yessirr Lyrics
Yessirr By Tory Lanez Down 95 Get fucked, uh Off top, this for the bad bitches only Baby, you got it
Tory Lanez – SKAT Lyrics
SKAT Lyrics – Tory Lanez Okay Okay Okay Yeah, yeah, okay Wrist so wet I might drown Bitch, don’t talk
Tory Lanez – Room 112 Lyrics
Room 112 By Tory Lanez Papa coming home, like to give you that raw (Yeah) Favorite position, from the
Tory Lanez – D.N.D Lyrics
D.N.D By Tory Lanez Do not disturb me Know you thirsty ass bitches gon’ be thirsty Know you hating ass
Tory Lanez – S.w.I.n.G Lyrics
S.w.I.n.G Lyrics by Tory Lanez Released : 2018 (CashMoney AP) (Everything foreign, nigga) [Tory Lanez:]