Russ & BIA – BEST ON EARTH Lyrics
BEST ON EARTH By Russ & BIA Lyrics Like the way she work, ayy She always puts me first, ayy And
Russ – I Love Me Lyrics
I Love Me Lyrics – Russ Haha, yeah You definitely got me fucked up Mmm, yeah (Yeah) Yeah, yeah, yeah
Russ – Sheep Lyrics
Sheep Lyrics – Russ Y’all know what it is It’s that time, it’s that time, pop Jake One, CHOMP 2 Okay
MISUNDERSTOOD Lyrics – Russ Misunderstood, you only see Pieces that fit your view of me Your mind is
Russ – Nothing I Won’t Do Lyrics
Nothin I Won’t Do Lyrics – Russ There’s nothing I won’t do Nothing that I won’t do, whoa, yeah I know