Lil Wayne – Multiple Flows Lyrics
Multiple Flows By Lil Wayne Wow, waow, okay Lil Uzi Vert Who? (All money on me) It’s Lil Uzi Vert (Let’s
Lil Wayne – Everyday We Sick Lyrics
Everyday We Sick by Lil Wayne Released : 2017 Everything was meant, everything was meant I took a L
Lil Wayne – DEEP END Lyrics
DRAG EM Lyrics – Lil Wayne Look what you done done, yeah Play with my heart and told me it’s too bad
Lil Wayne – Lost Lyrics
Lost Lyrics By Lil Wayne Well, if you out there in the streets and you lookin’ for me When you find me
Lil Wayne – Line Em Up Lyrics
Lil Wayne – Line Em Up Lyrics I had a Benz when you had a bike Uh, all this cocaine got me actin’ white
Lil Wayne – Not Me Lyrics
Lil Wayne – Not Me Lyrics Now who gon’ pop me? Who gon’ pop me? Bunch of niggas in here lookin’ like
Lil Wayne – Mahogany Lyrics
Lil Wayne – Mahogany Lyrics Mahogany dashboard, I do the dash board Gas to the floor, I’m pressin’ fast
Lil Wayne – What About Me Lyrics
What About Me Lyrics by Lil Wayne Released : 2018 If you saw me, would you understand? That I can’t stand
Lil Wayne – Lem Em All In Lyrics
Lem Em All In by Lil Wayne Feat. Cory Gunz & Euro Released : 2017 Let ’em all in, bet ’em all in
Lil Wayne – LAMAR Lyrics
LAMAR Lyrics – Lil Wayne Come on Uh I spit that R.O.C, nothing but crack, bitch Get my cleats ’cause