Kevin Gates – Beautiful Scars Lyrics
Beautiful Scars by Kevin Gates Feat. PnB Rock Released : 2017 Tatted your name yet I don’t know who you
Kevin Gates – Funny How Lyrics
Funny How by Kevin Gates: Funny How Lyrics: Yung Lan on the track It’s how these hoes do, bro When shit
Kevin Gates –  Why I Lyrics
Why I by Kevin Gates Released : 2017 Genre: Hip Hop How do I look? I’m so nervous Come on, we gon’ be late!
Kevin Gates –  GOMD Lyrics
GOMD by Kevin Gates Released : 2017 Genre: Hip Hop Feel like I been on for a minute Only when my whole
Kevin Gates – Push It Lyrics
Push It Lyrics by Kevin Gates My biggest problem in life was over coming myself, but once i defeated
Kevin Gates – By My Lonely Lyrics
By My Lonely by Kevin Gates Lyrics Killers in my hood, they know me by my first name You know ’em by
Kevin Gates – Double Dutch Lyrics
Double Dutch By Kevin Gates Yo Pi’erre you wanna come out here? Who  you talking up? Ay,  please leave
Kevin Gates – Fly Again Lyrics
Fly Again by Kevin Gates: Fly Again Lyrics: Back against the wall, what do you hold onto? (Yung Lan on
Kevin Gates – Fatal Attraction Lyrics
Fatal Attraction by Kevin Gates: Fatal Attraction Lyrics: It ain’t a day that go by that I don’t think
Kevin Gates – Sober State Of Mind Lyrics
Sober State Of Mind by Kevin Gates Structure, pick up pieces to the puzzle And I don’t have a problem