Turned Off

Turned Off Lyrics

I’m smoking cigarettes in the shower; when they get wet I just light another, fatal
Cardiac over cancer, don’t gimme no suffer
Steal me over feel me linger, until I’m six under
Ain’t a fucking thing sacred, when I get naked
It’s death!

[Verse 1]
I’m lighting up like Vegas
All sevens king of pentacles
I’m chaining like it’s money, dirty money, surgeons general
As if my flesh keeps me prisoner
As if

I’ve been spinning chambers since the day I was born
Like, what’s it all for?
Like, why the fuck not?
Fuck if I don’t get off I don’t know how to be caught

[Chorus 1]
I get off at all costs
I’m turned off
Pah-pow, pah-pow
I’ll fuck you off at no cost
You’re turned off
Pah-pow, pah-pow

I’m turned off won’t be back soon
Look up see my nuts slap the moon

I’m turned off like a myth
Can’t look me up, I don’t exist

I spin the chamber ‘tween my lips
I pull the trigger like a gif
I can’t get hit, I’ve never lost
I’m a rumor, I’m turned off

[Verse 2]
My footprint precedes me follow me
I’m all the way over my species
My footprint so dropped it’s bottomless

Species call my redwings apocalypse
You want this bitch I drop a bitch
Snuff your bloodclot metropolis
Trail of anonymous casualties
Pah pow boom, mastery

I’ve been over that glass house
All my windows blacked out

Straight jacked up, the fuck up
Guts up man down
My man stand down
I’m not with it
I drop liquid

Red light district
Can’t be finished
You never started
You run for martyr
While I’d push harsher

Lose it more further
Lose it more nerder

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
(Boom, boom, boom, boom)

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Turned Off
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