J.I the Prince of N.Y – I Ain’t Gon Lie Lyrics

I Ain’t Gon Lie Lyrics – J.I the Prince of N.Y

(Sensei, this shit hard)
Yeah, oh-oh-oh

I ain’t gon’ lie
Someone gon’ die
If they try reaching for these chains around my neck
I ain’t gon’ lie
Sometimes I be getting high
But I ain’t going out like them fiends I stay in check (Oh-oh)

And I would tell you how it’s turning out
But you’re not somebody I’m concerned about
You was politicking on my name now (Yeah)
I’m that nigga you gotta learn about (Oh-oh)
Might get shot by this pocket rocket
If you watching my pockets so stop it, nigga
And you gotta pop lock and drop it
So don’t come if you not trynna top a nigga
It’s gonna be alright don’t you worry little bitch
Heart cold ice, ice baby just like my wrist
And I heard they want me dead tell them put me on that list
And I ain’t scared of shit especially when it comes to risks I take ’em all
My dawg just wanna get high I told him he popping too much
And if you put your money where your mouth is you wouldn’t pop it too much (No)
And if we talking about locations they never dropped it for us (No)
And I could give a fuck if the floor wet they ain’t mopping us up
And I told her all my secrets now she my weakness
And they aiming for my head I gotta play defense (Oh-oh)
Diamonds on my Carti’s y’all should see how I peep shit
These nigga federalie I gotta watch who I speak with

I ain’t gon’ lie murder on my mind
I see homicides when I’m sleeping in my bed
I ain’t gon’ lie some nigga switching sides
I’ma cut them ties and put some money on they head

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J.I the Prince of N.Y – I Ain’t Gon Lie Lyrics