Georgia Harmer – Austin Lyrics

Austin Lyrics – Georgia Harmer

Went to Austin Texas for a day
To everyone I saw I said your name
The setting sun the hot wind on my face
Felt like home an unfamiliar place

We were cowboys in another life
But I am you your other life is mine
Often when I speak to you I cry
Never can explain the reason why
Never understood the reason

Late at night there is a fire on
All my life around it singing songs

When you were far away when I was young
Sitting on the front step on the phone
Look up at the moon my love
Above me is the very same one
You and I the same one

The streets of Laredo sing me to sleep at night
Your first baby did you really cry
Tough and strong but soft around the eyes
I hope I laugh enough to have those lines

I’ll go back to Austin soon I hope
I’ll see you in the heat and in the smoke
On the road and playing just like you
I’ll bring you back some Texas BBQ

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Georgia Harmer – Austin Lyrics
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