Kota the Friend – Breathe Lyrics

Breathe Lyrics – Kota the Friend

Stay alert kid
Say that in the mirror every day
Wipe the smudges off the surface
And tell him that he perfect
With all his imperfections
I remind em that he worth it
Let the love in and stay for good. You deserve
You been down and I know that you been searching
Betrayal ain’t the word
When you open up your soul and they stab you in return
And I know that you been low
I’m a little bit concerned
With the shame come the blame come the rain, come the growth
With the growth come the pains, come the change, till you float
But damn, you the man
You is handsom and tan
You been all around the world
Now its sittin in yo hands
They be looking for a fight but that isnt in your plans
You are headed for the light
All that other shit a scam
God dam. Boy your hair so dark its amazing
Face is on glow. It don’t even need shaving
Take a deep breath homie life is what you make it
All you have is now
So be present with creation
Eyes closed, give yourself a hug
Then breathe
Run your fingers through yo hair
Then you just breathe
Body keep the score, be in tune
Just breathe
Walk outa the door, knowing that you got peace

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Kota the Friend – Breathe Lyrics
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