Jhay Cortez – ENTERRAUW Lyrics (English Translation)

ENTERRAUW Lyrics (English Translation) – Jhay Cortez

I don’t always go out and I still kill them every day
“Write me a song,” he’d say to me through WhatsApp
I’m blessed, imagine if I prayed
Smoking Khalifa with my baby
This is for you to get unhinged, disoriented like a plane
With only two songs I have three billion views
Wherever I set my eye on, there the cannons go
You have no guts and you might get unhinged

You are a Baskin, you are a pop star
You aren’t Hector, you aren’t Gold Star (Gold Star)
We hit you with a guitar like a rockstar (Rockstar)
I’m kicking your ass like a pornstar
You are fake (Fake), you are fake (Fake)
Sold out? I’ve seen your income
Thirty pesos a ticket, asshole, even my background singer could accomplish that
There is no stopping me, in English, there is no break
We go fifty on your shadow even if you’re not with Grey
More packages than eBay
The streets are not Rauw’s, they are Jhay’s
We attack the ninjas and the senseis (Sensei)
On the cover of GQ? Okay (Okay)
The “Q” stands for quit it, and we all know, asshole, that the “G” stands for (Shh)
Not ever disrespecting the people in the business (Hahaha)
Wait for the interview talking about Chente
There are a lot of people out there licking Duars Entertainment’s ass (Nah)
And I’ve already been crowned, and I’ve named the song “ENTERRAUW”
You say you respect women, but you support the abuser that Chris Brown is, asshole

The streets are lit
Assholes, don’t give it to me, I already had it
This is going to be a drag (Do you follow me, or haven’t you followed me yet?)
Nobody’s going to lend their time to you, you can’t trust the hotheaded (La Presión)

Well, what can I say? I lit up a Phillie’ and I wrote this in like half an hour
The one behind this is named The Fox, follow him on Instagram: @akaelzorro
The one who composes almost everything, produces, and directs all of his projects
Ah, well, sure, sometimes we collaborate on different ideas, of course we do
I want all of my people to—
Ehem, ehem

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah), I also wrote in VICE VERSA (Aha)
You tried to flirt in “SÍ PEPE,” how daring, what happened? Don’t you have any shame? (Hahaha)
You have to be nuts in order to fight me, get rid of those bad influences (Please)
Hit me up for your next album and I’ll write you something so you can go hard (La Pressure)
You say you wanna see me to record me, record me giving it to you? (Hahaha)
This looks like a cross based on how much I’m nailing you
Do you remember I told you, “Come down, asshole,” and you left me in there, waiting? (What happened, asshole?)
Your ass is broken due to shitting yourself and wiping it so many times
In PR I told you, “Come down to La Concha”
In Miami, “I’m here at Fontainebleau”
I did this sick with COVID; I’m Jordan, I won even if I played with a flu
In your video you put five idiots behind you, is that your crew? (Is that it?)
It’s noticeable none of them know how to fight, asshole, they’re just like you (Hahahaha!)
This isn’t a TikTok challenge, I’ll repeat what you said
You go up and down, like crypto
Don’t call me to say you’re sorry, asshole, I’m not Christ (Amen)
I told you to stop because you’ll crash if you ignore the stop sign
Even if Mayweather trains you, asshole, you know you can’t throw a punchline (It’s true)
Of course they put you on the cover, putting you is like putting a woman
But you’re even more delicate (Hahahahahaha)
You have a dick and pussy like Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga)
A slap? You can’t even give Santa cookies for Christmas
The ones who said you nailed it aren’t used to saying the truth (Nah)
Between you and me, why do you keep hitting so many people up?
Like Arca said, the streets are united, don’t divide the groups
You stay in your lane, I am in mine (I am in mine)
You don’t see me dancing (Dancing)
You gave a music video to a roast song, I’ve got you spending money, wait (Wait)
You said “105”? (Five), let me correct you, you feel six (Six)
‘Cause mine counts and it’s been inside your Kool-Aid for a while (Hahahaha)
Releasing the second roast after this, will you respond to this? (Nah), that’s already been set (Boy, you know it)
The first artist in the world to do a roast and rhyme with Corn Flake’ (Boti, you are a Corn Flake’; hahaha)
Your melodies in every song are always the same
And don’t talk about the streets, ’cause nobody goes hunting while listening to your music, asshole (Nobody)
I’m already a millionaire and if Duars drops your contact, stay calm, I’ll renew it for you
And after this I don’t think you’ll be too happy, but happy new year

The streets are lit (Hahaha! La Presión, did you listen to me, asshole?)
Assholes, don’t give it to me, I already had it (No-oh)
This is going to be a drag (Jhayco, Jhay Corte’)
Nobody’s going to lend their time to you, you can’t trust the hotheaded

Hey, you know what’s good? Everybody already knew you’d be weak, so it’s not that bad. At least you gave it a music video, haha. Hey, put away that fake sexism and that fake humility, ’cause three or four people will eat that up, here, we won’t believe that nor eat it up. Everybody knows that what you’re doing is buying awareness. Go to that Christmas party here, go to the Christmas party over there, call people to be on your side. Calling people that haven’t spoken to her in like, hehe, six months, asshole. You won’t get people to stay by your side, little brother. They know I’m always out there, being genuine. I’m not out there, calling people when I’m in trouble so they can watch out for me. “Look, they wanna hangout with me? I’ll give ’em a handful of money,” hahaha. Why do you say you even pay people to hangout with you, asshole? What the fuck is that? Hey, stop saying that Mora ghostwrites for me, that he wrote my verse in “911.” Papi, here we have elite pencils. Between elites and elites, we understand each other, we share the goods. And let’s say yes, he wrote it, but what about the six hundred verses left? Who wrote those? You saw me, I even was in front of you. I even gave you one of them, asshole, ah? You know I’ve got it, you know The Presión’s got it. Why don’t you say they spend like three million on publicity for you, asshole, per song? Haha. But you’re doing good, you do good, stay in your lane, ’cause you do good. I’m on my way there right now, when I get what you get, we’ll compete, let’s see if you’re truly a tough one
Do you follow me or haven’t you followed me? It’s no longer Jhay Corte’, it’s Jhayco now, asshole
They’re telling me you’re preparing the second roast, do as many as you want, ’cause I won’t answer, you have to throw at least seven hundred punchlines, a hundred and fifty of the seven hundred I threw here, hahaha
La Presión
Foreign Teck, and I even made the song myself, did you listen?
Haha, let’s get real
Saying I’m the bootlicker of the genre’s industry, asshole, if I have your voice notes, asshole, asking me for a verse, asshole, sucking my dick so I’d be in VICE VERSA, why won’t you say that? Ah? Ah? Hahaha
Hey, after this one we’ll go, we’ll go, we’ll go on mine, we’ll go on mine, I’m making money as well. I have a tour as well. Not on the dates you go on because you only book the ones for thirty thousand and forty thousand pesos. Papi, I’m getting and making more than you without having to kill myself, you feel me?
Ah, and I remember when your boss was selling your contract for fifty thousand. I should’ve bought it so I could’ve made a few pesos, asshole, hahaha

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Jhay Cortez – ENTERRAUW Lyrics (English Translation)
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