Mooski – Last Name Greater Than Fame Lyrics

Last Name Greater Than Fame Lyrics – Mooski

Alabama Nigga with a dream, turned the city up
On my way, I just left Gitty Up
Fillin’ up whip we bout to drive…to see my mom she keep me lifted up
Cause I wake up some days don’t feel like gettin’ up
A hundred missed calls I don’t feel like pickin’ up
Plus a Nigga barley sleep
My girl say I need to eat
Depression I need victory
Everybody sayin’ that they prayin’ for me
God protect me from all my enemies, that I can’t see
(I can’t even trust their prayers no more)
So please don’t pray for me
Cause it’s a thin line, it’s a thin line
I got a Cartier but I can’t spend time, tryin’ to control things, cause the victory been mine…

Lord I’m broken I need healing
Sinning, I just ask for forgiveness
On these addys got me up in my feelings
And I know I need to change how I’m livin’
I still believe in God auntie hear me
Spiritual not Religious (I don’t need a church just to talk to my God)
I’m just venting, I’m just venting
Don’t tell me I’m trippin, I ain’t trippin
The world need to hear the real, the world need to hear it
The world need to feel the real, the world need to feel it
Cause everybody hurtin’ and everybody workin’
And everybody walkin round like they perfect
Like everything perfectly fine
Know you got that hurt on your mind
Then your heart, then your heart get real heavy
When them tears finally start to roll, they’ll break the levy
And they keep going, and they keep going, and they keep rolling
But this a take it to the head shot
Another victim of that henny red dot,
Yes I, drink myself to sleep til I’m a dead guy
Everytime, I ask myself why my dad died
Life happens to us all sometimes we all fall
I pray we all get back up and may we all ball
Big bag know they big mad I just got in it
Back of the Cadillac, black on black, and the windows all tinted
Money can’t buy happiness that’s facts, but you gone spend it
Money can’t change everyone that’s whack, but that’s what you gone witness
It ain’t bout the fame, it’s more bout the last name
Why hate a Nigga who tryna change how his family live?

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Mooski – Last Name Greater Than Fame Lyrics
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