Hobo Johnson – Outro Lyrics

Outro Lyrics – Hobo Johnson

Revenge, the revenge
Revenge, the revenge
Hobo- of Hobo Johnson
The revenge, of Hobo Johnson
The revenge, Hobo Johnson
The revenge of Hobo Johnson
The revenge

Hobo Johnson wants you to know that he appreciates you listening to The Revenge of Hobo Johnson

Hobo Johnson may have gave up on a promise or two from The Rise
But he’s back to crush the haters and the critics alike
Using emotion to crush
He hopes to get them to stop typing and start living

Hobo Johnson and the boys can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces on again when the time comes

And he wants to remind you
If you think social media is bringing down your self-esteem and self-worth
Have a friend or guardian put ScreenTime on your phone

And most of all, don’t use it

And if you believe you don’t have a problem
And it’s not slowly killing your spirit and draining your soul like Frank does
Then follow, like, and subscribe!

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to Hobo Johnson’s next album
Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fanbase
Including the hit single, What’s the AQI of This Bong Rip

Uh, yeah, what’s the AQI of this bong rip?

It also features the number one hit song in America, All I See is Poop

All I see is poop
The worlds fuckin’ shit
I’m a piece of shit too

It even has the controversial pop anthem, Drake Diss

Quit actin like you forgot about 2006, Jimmy

And Hobo Johnson doesn’t hold back

Pusha T was extremely disrespectful
That’s cause Pusha T was extremely less successful

Hahaha, it’s the Revenge of Hobo Johnson

Hahaha, thanks for listening

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Hobo Johnson – Outro Lyrics
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