Chet Hanx – White Boy Summer Lyrics

White Boy Summer Lyrics – Chet Hanx

I swear to God man, the minute you get a bag these bitches wanna take it from ya (take it from ya!)
Fuck it, turn it up, the beat in my headphones
Just a little bit yeah, just a little bit yeah
Fuck it, white boy summer

I met a bad little shawty at a party dance
Gettin’ to the bag like it was her only chance
Rich bitch, known rollin’ up them bands
Said “fuck it,” then she went and made an OnlyFans
Hot boy, white boy summer
Got your favorite Instagram bitch DMing her number
Hit the strip club, I’m like thunder
She let me beat it, I’m the white boy wonder
Uh, bad gyal, white don dada
Rude boy, it’s a white boy summer
Bad gyal, white don dada
Rude boy, it’s a white boy summer
Buss it down, Thotianas all out by the cabana
Rollin’ marijuana and they all from Guyana
Yeah, Russian girl named Svetlana
Another from the islands, yeah she look just like Rihanna
Yeah, white girls love Madonna
Girls wanna have fun, you can do it if you wanna
Shoutout to my LA chicks on some LA shit
Eatin’ sushi at Katana on the sunset strip
You know your boy got nice, ’cause I’m the one with the drip
West side won’t slip
When I come through, bullseye, won’t miss
Always hitting my target
Made a strip off whip
I don’t do chases, I just wanna hit
I got blue faces in my money clip
Best believe and that shit’s all from TV
I ain’t even a crip but they wanna see
C-H-E-T, yeah bitch that’s me
Put respect on my name next time you see me
Had to struggle for fame, I’m just working my way
Up the motherfuckin’ ladder, bitch it’s all in a day
Yeah, forty racks off merch
First date, bitch you might get dessert
Yeah I might make it twerk
Let me see you make it twerk

Yeah we got it boys, just gotta get the outro
Boom we got it
Actually fuck it, we got it
White boy summer yeah
Sucker duckin’ and dummy dodgin’ all day
Real 16, that’s on P
I’m out

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Chet Hanx – White Boy Summer Lyrics
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