Death From Above 1979 – One + One Lyrics

One + One Lyrics – Death From Above 1979

I need you I can’t control it
Breathe in/heartbeat: Automatic
Cast a spell from ancient magic
One plus one is so romantic

Let’s do something about it!

Love is Action!

I walk in the kid starts dancing
My heart goes: Boom! Boom! Boom!
One plus one is three, that’s magic!
You and me, that’s so romantic

Love is Action!

If you told me years ago
We would be here right now
If I knew you I wouldn’t have wasted my time
With those other girls, other times
Lonely twenties, petty crimes
Bleached hair, basement, wasted
Just to say:
“I did it, damnit!”

One plus one
Is so romantic
One plus one
Is three that’s magic

Love is Action!

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Death From Above 1979 – One + One Lyrics
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