Erick the Architect – I Can’t Lose Lyrics

I Can’t Lose Lyrics – Erick the Architect

I’m so sorry that you’re gonna have to pay for the foul play, foul play
If you wanna team up and start a new game, I got some news baby
I’m so sorry, but you might just have to deal with a short fall for the long haul
I’m so sorry, baby, I can’t lose again
Knock you down once, and get back up again
Knock you down two times, get up twice as fast
Knock you down three times though, might not get back up
Don’t slip

Some are just given raw talent (Talent)
Others just little lost balance (Balence)
While many still livin’ off highs (Highs)
I’m wondering how they stay grounded (Grounded)
I done lost friends and lost family (Family)
So, when you don’t see me, how can he? (I’m sorry)
Too many still movin’ uncanny (Movin’)
And I already got my speech for the Grammy’s
Could’ve been a suit in a building (That building)
Could’ve been you, if you’re willing (If you’re willing)
We all still chasin’ that feeling (That feeling)
And I ain’t really gotta wait for your opinion (Hell no)
Used to feel like I wasn’t shit without weed
But how could any live without me?
Can’t win without moving our feet
Now you know that beauty’s no secret
Insecure and movin’ indecent (Indecent)
Hey, I just wanna kick it for the weekend
When you rich and it seems so peaceful
But more money, more problems, more evil
I can’t lose, with a cloak of disguise
Life is great if you rose with the skies
I got so much to say, only so much arrives
Uncertain if a man sheds his soul when he cries
Not sleep and it’s four, goin’ on five
Now jottin’ thoughts and it’s all exercise
I can’t lose myself to this rap shit (No)
I can’t lose myself to this rapture (I can’t do it)
I can’t lose myself, unattached it (I can’t do it)
I can’t move myself out this bracket (No)
I can’t lose my worth, just imagine
If any man moves, then it’s Full Metal Jacket

You ever seen that movie before?
Listen though
My music was written my Beethoven or, or Bach or [?]
It was written by God in hand

I wanna be better with emotions
Plan it out and not move so impulsive
Nerves got me shaking
They say they cure it with age, but I think they’re mistaken
While some it’s flagrant, I say it took patience
Long nights alone, coped with no motivation
Drunk by myself with no way to escape what
I’m faced with, evasive and spacious
Sucker nigga tryna stunt my creations
On the path, adversaries observed what it took
How to get a grip with high intelligence
I ain’t always have a job
And the money got so scarce, so we robbed
They misunderstood, they thought
This was a gimmick or a fraud
Such a rapport for the boy been premature
But he still evolved, through the trenches and the fog, uh
They ignores us, who could paint these pictures with the sawdust?
Anything this vivid takin’ four months
I can’t lose, I get too invested in it (No)
How could this be love if there’s no obsession in it? (No)
How could this be definite with no profession it?
How it feel to hear that you the best, but you been questionin’ it?
When things don’t matter, gotta shake it off (Shake it off)
If the game too hot, you gotta take it off (Take it off)
If nobody wants to share, you gotta take it all (Take it off)
No bad moves, I can’t lose, I never take a loss

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Erick the Architect – I Can’t Lose Lyrics