BBCC Bad Boy Chiller Crew – Needed You Lyrics

Needed You Lyrics – BBCC Bad Boy Chiller Crew (BBCC)

Drinks in the sunshine looking for a pub sign
4 guys 4 pints n a good time
Check me stress-free man I love life
Young minds gotta unwind sum times
Step in the club n have fun
Drinks at the bar lets get drunk
No blues suede shoes air max on me
All white tee n my Berghaus flees

Tt no roof
Bradford crew inside the venue
Shut down shows no beans on toast
Expensive food what’s on the menu
Like ama try shit I never did before ama drink pints till I hit the floor
Live life with no regrets
Enjoy life coz you never no what’s next


White school shirt in my all-black blazer
Old school niche on ma walkman playlist
Back then never did I think add make it
Now I won’t stop till am A list famous
Homegrown weed in blue slim papers
No flavours police try raid us
Pots in the attic till I cop me a patek
Or pull up on a brother in that big 4 matic

Helly Hanson versachi blue jeans
Back then 2010 when I was 13
When I was carefree no boss on my tee
Just nikes on my feet just me n my dreams
Yo step in the club it’s on me
Bottle of bub it’s on me
Bag of the flake it’s on you
Shots at the bar of the goose
Jump on the mic n let loose


Young buck mullet hair cut
Pull up to the club tell her fill up my cup
10 10 birds from the back to the front
I’ll be doing things that I shunt ayy
New nikeys am pricey
2 birds in my ride to the Ibis
2 many birds trying to fight em off
Am a boy not a foy man I can’t be stopped

Drinks in the park Paul a shark
Big dirt bikes and them stolen cars
Boys go nuts the birds were carefree
Mckenzie tracksuits and them Paul’s boutique
White ace cider cigs were a fiver
Mark ruff Ryder stung the bus driver
Times that I had wish I could go back
Old school tracks in my council flat

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BBCC Bad Boy Chiller Crew – Needed You Lyrics
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