Aesop Rock – Hello from the Spirit World Lyrics

Hello from the Spirit World Lyrics – Aesop Rock

Hello from the Spirit World
My days here have been as rewarding as they are troublesome
And often dangerous
I have been assembling my notes for some time now
My intent is to create a guide for anyone whose path
May lead them to this unwavering otherness (This unwavering otherness)
There are days I fear my work will only serve to create more confusion about what I’ve found
But I felt it necessary to stay the course in hopes that these insights may be illuminating for some
Contained within are anecdotes, recipes, survival tips, warnings, maps, drawings, and more
All organized in an effort to promote safe travel and interdimensional awareness
While this arrangement highlights the basic chronology of my experiences
Users should skip to whatever section most directly applies to their impending scenario
As no two Spirit World experiences are the same (The same)
Accordingly, certain passages may detail specific circumstances that you will not encounter
It is still recommended you cover these sections as to increase your general understanding of what can be expected
There will be times when you will be tested in ways this guide can neither prepare you for, nor help you from
Spirit World travel is not recommended for the faint of heart or weak of stomach
Swift and unprecedented consequences will follow your decision to breach this environment (Will follow)
With that in mind, I believe the unabridged Spirit World Field Guide compiled here
To be the ultimate companion for all modern supernatural tourism
As well as those potentially seeking more permanent residency
Kindest regards, Aesop Rock

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Aesop Rock – Hello from the Spirit World Lyrics
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