Katy Perry – Smile (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Katy Perry
Album: Smile
Release date: August 28, 2020
Recorded: 2018–2020
Label: Capitol Records
Genre: Pop

“Smile” Tracklist:
Never Really Over
Cry About It Later
Teary Eyes
Not The End Of The World
Champagne Problems
Harleys In Hawaii
Only Love
What Makes A Woman
Small Talk
Never Worn White
Daisies (Acoustic)
Daisies (Oliver Heldens Remix)

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Katy Perry - Smile (Album Cover)Katy Perry – Smile (Album Cover)

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Katy Perry – Smile (Album Cover)

From “Smile” Album:

Katy Perry – Cry About it Later Lyrics

Cry About it Later By Katy Perry I’ll cry about it later I’ll cry about it later Tonight I’m havin’ fun Tonight I’m havin’ fun I’ll cry about it later I’ll cry about it later Tonight I’m gettin’ some Tonight I’m gettin’ something brand new I know tomorrow I’ll be love hungover But I’m ready […]

Katy Perry – Teary Eyes Lyrics

Teary Eyes By Katy Perry Have you ever lost, lost the light in your life Have you ever left, left yourself behind Have you ever lied and just replied “I’m fine” ‘Cause I can see you’ve lost, lost the light in your life Wanna run like your mascara Wine-stained lips talkin’ to the mirror If […]

Katy Perry – Resilient Lyrics

Resilient By Katy Perry I know there’s gotta be rain If I want the rainbows And I know the higher I climb The harder the wind blows Yeah, I’ve gone to sleep Night after night punching a pillow But do you know the darker the night The brighter the skies glow ‘Cause I am resilient […]


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Katy Perry – Smile (Album Lyrics)
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