LLOYD BANKS – Cold Summer (Freestyle) Lyrics

Cold Summer (Freestyle) By LLOYD BANKS

You know who the fuck it is, Banks

Why would you get the credit for something that i could do without you?
Shouldn’t show these bum niggas mercy the doors were suicidal
Figure I take you along with me, of course, you’re too entitled
Using quotes to validate stupid shit don’t confuse the bible
Forget the fact that I was dead nice I was dedicated
Losing my mind through the madness had to be medicated
At least I can say I got through it so many never made it
Wonder when this shit is really over will i be celebrated?
I had it right there for taking shouldn’t have hesitated
My classification is heavy can’t let them feather weight it
When in the room go with nothing the love is separated
I never hated in due time I was delegated
Don’t catch a clout attack concentrate on your next deposit
Your reputation is solid why would you jeopardize it
The internet shit was cool I guess that they weaponized it
It’s ok to fuck up as long as you recognize it
Skeletons pilling up you need an extra closet?
You don’t know what I’m saying, shall I exemplify it?
Happy to ride with a nigga long as he stays in place
Blaming somebody for something you’ve done in saving face (yeah)
When they try to cover my roses the pavement breaks
A quarter lifetime of breaking the bread amazing grace
Won’t give the mainstream a chase as long the ghetto listens
Sprinkle my dope on this track the instrumental is twitching
You get the upper hand on life that’s when the devil kicks in
Being targeted jogging while black is terrorism
Watch out for leeches they’ll stand around for what benefits them
You’ll know what love is as soon as you flip the letters different
Think about what i’ve done for you while you’re reminiscing
Salute to all those supporting my independence vision (uh)
Two hundred k and fourteen neverminds everything is beautiful through design as new paradigms
Make a toast to battle time home was broken in tragic minds
One of the greatest pens yet, me and my little battle rhymes
I’m having flashbacks, me in the ‘spital, scattered lines
Ain’t no love in the heart of the city half the time
Shit is on fire now, back as soon as the block simmers
Probably lose the weather to COVID, make it a hot winter
The wrong hand will have you questioning, where these cards from?
Homework made me a specialist, practicing made me bar dumb
“Banks, why you ain’t been smiling lately?”, Nigga the job done?
I don’t think it is, are you ready for albums?
Grinding getting these songs done, recipe for the long run
Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse rest in peace Fred the Godson
Life is hard son

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LLOYD BANKS – Cold Summer (Freestyle) Lyrics
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