Yungeen Ace – The Shade Room Lyrics

The Shade Room By Yungeen Ace Lyrics

They don’t care about how I feel, they throw my life on the shade room
Two can play that game, I can do a lil shade too

Woke up this morning and my face everywhere (face everywhere)
Look at the screen shots and the message there
I look like at Chloe, why she shedding those tears
She say it’s embracing
She said I broke her heart in the past, I guess we’re there again
How can I do that again
Thought we was better than
Fuck what they say, we round this [?]
Let me get out my body trying to expose me
Yeah we fucked, but you got mad, ’cause you wanted more than it was supposed to be
You asked me to fly you out again a one night stand
I guess it wasn’t got to me
Then a bitch named Adrian tried spoil snuck a screen record
Send that shit to Chloe, told she coming to her as a woman
bitch, when I was fucking you was calling me daddy So I find that’s funny
They all criticize me,
Chloe said she movin’ on without me
No I ain’t perfect, close the curtain’s, but I end up hurtin’
I can admit that shit is over and it wasn’t on putpose
I swear y’all better be careful with y’all life, bitch I hope it’s worth it
I stand alone, I walk alone that’s why they always worry
And on the other hand been thinking about trayvon today thinkin’ bout lil
I swear I wish it didn’t happen this way I miss ya

I ain’t gone lie, y’all don’t wanna throw me all on that shade room and shit
But look though, I could admit all that shit, like I ain’t really hurt by what the fuck y’all say I don’t give a fuck
When y’all hurt Chloe, y’all hurt me

Oh, I’m on a high rise (I’m on a high rise)
Baby I apologize (baby I’m sorry)
We start an empire, we grind together
I bought you a brand new house, brand new chain, next to the wedding ring
But that’s material thing’s
A bitch woke up and said gonna expose me
Bitch you fucked keese and K- so, X the whole team
This shit ain’t adding up to me
And I ain’t never give a bitch shit, put that on 23 ain’t never have this rich shit
That bitch ain’t never had no rich dick
Bitch you’ll get fucked, then get the fuck out, you can’t kick it

They don’t ask me how I feel to put my life on the shade room
Two can play that game I can throw a lil’ shade too
They don’t care about how I feel, they throw my life on the shade room
Two can play that game, I can do a lil’ shade too

You hoes find that shit funny
Nasty ass hoes I ain’t gon’ lie
Ay Chloe I-I-I apologize for all my action’s I commit all my wrong’s though
But look at that shit old but I ain’t saying you gotta forgive me
But I just wanna move forward
I love you

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Yungeen Ace – The Shade Room Lyrics
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