QUEEN KONA – Catacombs Lyrics

Catacombs by QUEEN KONA

Oh, what a dwelling place for mischief!
Uncertainty, a lair unfit for Christians
Unholy ambience, I feel I have no out
Listen closely, you can hear the demons growl

My hair stands vertically
A serpent slides towards me
In tongues, I hear him speak:

“What do you fear the most?
Is it demons, or is it ghosts?
Mine is a blackened rose
Hidden in beauty until it’s exposed”

Then, the floor collapsed beneath my feet

Tumbling into this cobweb infested,
subterranean gallery of Hell
With aroma of carcass and death,
I cannot see inches from self
But a torch, though distant, ignited
Draws me closer to what I hope is aid
Escape from the graves!

Sequenced, the pyres rise revealing cloaked shades
“Breathe life!” they chant as the dead reanimate
Crypts open wide

Mesmerized by malignant occurrence
Ensnared in this nightmarish realm
Attempts to flee lack much needed endurance
It isn’t much longer before I’ve become a rotter myself

One with the damned
I stand condemned
Searching again
For life’s merit

“Catacombs” Released On June 21, 2019

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QUEEN KONA – Catacombs Lyrics
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