Ray Goren – Oh Lord Lyrics

Oh Lord Lyrics by Ray Goren (From Songland)

A nation divided, the world is colliding
Look out the window and people are dying
Turn on the news and you get lies and the blues
‘Cause ain’t a person out here speaking the truth
It’s all opinionated propaganda run by politicians
They tell you what you wanna hear then do something different
Ain’t it funny that they friendly when they tryna get votes
Ain’t it funny they change over when the ballots are closed

Oh, Lord
What can I say?
Will we be here tomorrow
If we continue this way?
Oh, Lord
I continue to pray
And maybe the world
Will be peaceful someday

I’d like to think that peace will come, guess it’s not in our nature
All these weapons of mass destruction pose a real fucking danger
To innocent children, innocent wives
And it’s in life’s they might be taking in the relative future
Don’t be suprised if one day
We wake up and we all see nothing But smoke
And moments later, all the people in the world start to choke
I guess it’s karma, ’cause in Germany, that shit already happened
Cause it’s karma cause in Syria, we haven’t taken action
We’re watching history repeat itself in the utmost evil fashion
I hope these words inspire some sort of chain of reaction
And give the people of this world some sort of satisfaction

Oh, Lord (Oh, Lord)
What can I say? (Oh, Lord)
Will we be here tomorrow
If we continue this way? (Oh, Lord)
Oh, Lord (Oh, Lord)
I continue to pray (Oh, Lord)
And maybe the world (Oh, Lord)
Will be peaceful someday (Oh, Lord)

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Ray Goren – Oh Lord Lyrics
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